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Poet, Philosopher and Performance Artist. The Priest of the Poets, the outcast of the Black Lodge, the Reverend of Revolution. Fear is always your greatest enemy in the battlefields of Art.

Alter ViewsBardInfluence"

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Streets of Fire

a musical adaption of "Reflections of a shattered Soul" from "Blues for Ebenezer"

Salamander Enki

Vampire Christmas

Venus in Scorpio

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The Sacred Magick of the Lizard of Oz

 A work 20 years in the making.
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Blues for Ebenezer


It takes a Camel to Cross the Abyss


Salamander Enki and other tails of evolution


Born-Again Orphan


A Separate Heresy: Being further conversations with the Lizard of Oz


Venus in Scorpio


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Bard Influence




My 1992 documentary of Atlanta's Spoken Word scene. 
It contains rare footage of,and the 
last interview with Deacon Lunchbox.

Title clip

The Legend of the Holy Grail

From "Death at Flight 19"

Salamander Enki

Vampire Christmas

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